Q: Does Talent Scan do crew time sheet as well?

A: Talent Scan offers many functions and features, and scanning in crew is one of them.  We have a crew solution where crew can scan in and out every day with their HOD or at a central clock-in station using biometrics.  We also have an app that uses Geotagging to clock crew in at any location and send the daily and weekly time sheets digitally to accounts and payroll, hassle free.

Q: How does it benefit talent, to register with Talent Scan?

A: Talent Scan offers a master database of registered talent working in the film industry. Being on the Talent Scan system assists in faster signing in and out. It gives coordinators on set quick access to essential information and vital contact details in case of an emergency.  By registering with a Bronze or Silver Membership talent is able to manage their own profile, assisting them to get more work. The Talent Scan system integrates all film departments through our digital platform, allowing for a more cohesive working environment.

Q: Sometimes talent arrives long before call time and sometimes they leave late or early. How will this be managed to avoid paying overtime?

A: Online runlists are created that include talent call times. If talent signs in earlier than the specified call time, the time will be reflected as the specified call time. If they sign in late, the actual sign-in time is reflected to ensure correct remuneration.  The coordinator also sets the wrap time ensuring the same overtime for all, even if they sign out much later.

Q: Are the talent agencies required to log details onto the system (updated sizes, ages, contact details etc)?

A: Agents have access to their talent profile through the Agent Portal. Here they can update agent specific data on the talent profile, and can also load new talent onto Talent Scan if they wish, however, as talent is able to load and update their own profile data the agency is not required to load anything, they simply need to double check that the IRP5 data is accurate and complete.

Q: Will the casting director on the project be involved in the process?

A: All departments involved with talent are able to use Talent Scan for a variety of functions suited to and designed for the film industry – from start of job to completion.